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Simbae™ has partnered with Brand Ambassadors Chick & Chook
Simbae™ has partnered with Brand Ambassadors Chick & Chook

Simbae is a fun-loving, energetic and playful brand – so we are very happy to announce that we have partnered with two chickens who share our same enthusiasm for humor, marketing & know how to ruffle some feathers online!

Simbae has some grand plans for this 2018 – and we plan to take advantage of every opportunity to work together with people, companies & pets that share our vision for bringing pets and their guardians closer to one another. We offer a sustainable & premium line of pet grooming products for dogs & cats – we offer products that are free of;

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Colors & Dyes
  • and many more ingredients
Who are Chick & Chook

We chose to partner with Brand Ambassadors Chick & Chook for the engaging, entertaining and good sense of humor that they infuse in their videos! We look forward to growing this partnership.

To learn more about Chick & Chook, visit;

Chick & Chook absolutely love Simbae, and you will too!

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